5 Easy Ways to Control Your Menopause Mood Swings

menopause mood swings

Step right up Ladies to the ride of a lifetime.  The hormonal rollercoaster of menopause mood swings is a Bitch with a capital B.  But mood can be managed easily with these 5 simple mind tricks. Lately my girlfriends and I have been cracking jokes about spontaneously bursting into tears in odd places for no real reason at all.  For example, last week I did some grocery shopping, loaded said groceries into my car and proceeded to sob.  If you[Read more]

Mood Swings and Me

A big topic in my life right now is mood … well at least it’s a topic I think about a lot lately.  I am all over the place mentally and my mood swings or just plain “bad” moods, seem to be a norm for me lately.   I am really good at hiding it amongst friends and family but my partner in life definitely must feel like he’s walking a minefield.  He has too .. because I feel like[Read more]