Hot Flash Alert – Soy to the rescue?

My Mom asked me to accompany her on a second hand clothing hunt and since I love a bargain off we went.  Little did I know that a hot flash would ruin my day. I get to the first store and notice right away that there are a lot of really nice clothing, hung by size, to look through.  Now usually this gets me excited but I was dripping under my coat … yep … the dreaded hot flash had[Read more]

Menopause: A change is gonna come.

Menopause was discussed when I was a younger girl.  But the talk was in code and never made clear enough for me to give it much thought. I can remember being a young girl and hearing the words, “The Change”.  The words were spoken in hushed tones amongst my Mom and her friends … not meant for younger ears … but I heard them.  Together they sounded scary, like a horror movie.  I would not and could not listen closely[Read more]