Alcohol consumption and it’s effect on perimenopause symptoms.

The symptoms of menopause can be increased with the consumption of alcohol.  But are the mental benefits of alcohol worth the risk? Just from looking around me at my girlfriends I do think that alcohol is a big part of get-togethers.  Getting together with “the girls” and trying different drink recipes and being uninhibited and silly seems to be the norm around me.  I do admit that wine and girl time can give you a positive buzz that lasts for[Read more]

Mood Swings and Me

A big topic in my life right now is mood … well at least it’s a topic I think about a lot lately.  I am all over the place mentally and my mood swings or just plain “bad” moods, seem to be a norm for me lately.   I am really good at hiding it amongst friends and family but my partner in life definitely must feel like he’s walking a minefield.  He has too .. because I feel like[Read more]

Hot Flash Alert – Soy to the rescue?

My Mom asked me to accompany her on a second hand clothing hunt and since I love a bargain off we went.  Little did I know that a hot flash would ruin my day. I get to the first store and notice right away that there are a lot of really nice clothing, hung by size, to look through.  Now usually this gets me excited but I was dripping under my coat … yep … the dreaded hot flash had[Read more]