5 Fruits That Will Help You Sleep And Stay Asleep

cherries help you sleep

Almost half the population ages 40 and up, report problems with sleep. Women especially at midlife seem to have the most issue with it.   So for your next night time snack, just choose one of these 5 fruits and you will be sleeping like a baby in no time.  Is The Sandman On Vacation? Sleep problems in midlife can be caused by medications or just plain worrying about the responsibilities of life.  I have spent many a night worrying[Read more]

Is Your Muscle Pain from Menopause?

Yoga for menopause muscle pain

  I have noticed that as I get older  I experience more and more muscle pain … everywhere!  If I sleep the wrong way, I can barely move in the morning.  Or if I get down on the floor, it’s not so easy to get up.  Several months ago, I bent slightly to remove a fluff of hair from my cats back and landed in emergency unable to move.  I had pulled a muscle petting my cat!  Now that’s embarrassing. [Read more]

Menopause Vlog #1 for Operation Hotflash

So I done did it.  I have been thinking about it for awhile and I finally got my nerve up today to record my first Menopause Vlog.  Actually, not sure if this is what a vlog is but hey, I am still in learning mode.  I do like to write but sometimes it’s easier to just talk it out.  It helps me and I hope it helps you too. Please remember to subscribe to my youtube channel and join me[Read more]