Is Your Muscle Pain from Menopause?

Yoga for menopause muscle pain


I have noticed that as I get older  I experience more and more muscle pain … everywhere!  If I sleep the wrong way, I can barely move in the morning.  Or if I get down on the floor, it’s not so easy to get up.  Several months ago, I bent slightly to remove a fluff of hair from my cats back and landed in emergency unable to move.  I had pulled a muscle petting my cat!  Now that’s embarrassing.  I am not as inactive as I sound either.  I work outside as much as possible gardening and I enjoy keeping busy.   But, I am obviously not fit enough to bend certain ways.  I have also noticed that it does not take much to make my muscles sore.   I know I need to do some kind of exercise but where to begin?  I need an exercise that is somewhat easy and will not bore me to death.  I notoriously find exercise boring!! I decided to research and make a plan I could stick too.

Does Menopause Cause Muscle Pain?

It’s obvious that if we are not fit when we are younger, then there will be pain when we are older.   I hear all the time from older friends. that joint and muscle pain makes the “golden” years  feel like “olden” years.  Now if that doesn’t cheer you up, I have more great news for you;  Menopause hormone levels causes you muscle pain as well.  It just keeps getting better doesn’t it?  You can read more about this at Menopause Health Matters.  Essentially our hormone levels being all wonky can lead to muscle tension, weakness, fatigue and spasms.  To make matters even more confusing, the weight we gain during menopause, can really make our muscles strain more easily.  Girl, we are one wrong step away from injury!  So what can we do about it?

Work Those Muscles Girlfriend

Ok, I will admit that I am not signing up for the gym just yet.  Aerobics would probably put me in bed for days.  But, we can start out slow and easy … so Yoga it is.  Actually, I used to do yoga several years ago and I really enjoyed it.  Yoga is not only the perfect stress reliever but it’s also great for getting muscles in shape, that are for lack of a better word … jiggly.  Believe it when I say jiggly describes mine!

Now, there are many. many yoga videos on youtube but I found someone I LOVE.  I have already started her 30 day beginner program and not only do I feel like I’m moving forward, but I really enjoy the calm in her videos.  Her channel is called Flow with Adee and by clicking this link you will see the whole playlist for her 30 day beginner yoga series.  She also has many other yoga videos if you get really motivated.  So get moving girlfriend.  Make time to do things that will make you feel better AND make those menopause muscles tingle with delight instead of screaming in pain.

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