Midlife Sisters #1

I never thought I would be writing about Menopause tips & tricks but here we are and I have some goodies for you.  Along my journey of making sure I stay sane and informed, I stumble across many incredible women writers and researchers.  I am truly amazed at the amount of women sharing their lives and menopausal moments online … and now I want to share a few with you.  Keep in mind that I will title these blog posts, “Midlife Sisters”, so you can skip right to them by clicking a tag at the bottom of the post anytime you just want to go on a Menopause adventure.

On one specific night I was on a blog reading journey and luckily came across a post by Mary Meyer. Mary is a freelance writer who posts life stories and learnings on her blog.  I love her writing style, it makes me want to do better.  Mary wrote a post titled Even My Eyes Are Going Through Menopause and I not only enjoyed the lovely light read but it made me realize that YES, I have the same problem.  I truly hope she writes more about the menopause subject.  She has a way with words that are very … ZEN to me.   We will have to keep an eye on her … yes pun intended!

On the same night, feeling like I already hit the jackpot, I came across Middle-Aged Warrior.  I am sending you to her about page because after I read it, I knew I wanted more.  She writes about life in the now with comparisons to the past.  If you find her post about red lipstick, read it.  She inspired me to smile more and keep on keeping on.  She’s feisty and funny and now every time I where red lippy, I feel warrior like!

Enjoy the journey Sister.   I am off to learn facial yoga HA.  Info coming soon.


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