Alcohol consumption and it’s effect on perimenopause symptoms.

The symptoms of menopause can be increased with the consumption of alcohol.  But are the mental benefits of alcohol worth the risk?

Just from looking around me at my girlfriends I do think that alcohol is a big part of get-togethers.  Getting together with “the girls” and trying different drink recipes and being uninhibited and silly seems to be the norm around me.  I do admit that wine and girl time can give you a positive buzz that lasts for weeks after a fun chick gathering.  I have found however, that for some reason, I personally tend to not drink much in the past couple of years.  To be honest, the hangovers are horrible and it takes me days to bounce back to feeling “normal”.  Since my party animal instinct takes over when I am surrounded by female friends having alcohol induced fun.  I tend to avoid those situations rather than give in to the possibility of feeling like crap for several days.

I have read many articles in the last several years about  binge drinking being on the rise amongst middle age females.  Some think it’s because ads are now targeted towards women, normalizing the behavior of drinking alcohol.  Others say it’s because our lives are filled with stress more than ever and if you combine that with perimenopause symptoms, that glass of wine becomes like instant relaxing medicine.

Whatever the case, drinking in moderation does have some benefits.  In fact I am at this moment drinking an antioxidant filled glass of wine while I write this post.  Today was an anxiety filled day and a couple of sips have already focused and centered me enough to work on this blog.  I will have one, and it only took about 10 minutes to feel the calm effect from the alcohol.  The problems seem to come however, when we turn to alcohol a bit too much.

Dr. Anna Garrett is a menopause expert and has a fabulous site for revving up your midlife mojo”.  In her article Why perimenopause and wine don’t mix, she covers the many risk factors of not drinking in moderation.   After reading her points, I almost want to stop drinking this glass BUT I do like feeling calm and focused so I guess I will wait to see if tonight my insomnia is worse, or I soak the bed sheets with a hot flash.

Pay attention to what alcohol does to your body.  What does alcohol do for you? If the solace that glass provides is worth it … sip it Sister.  I will update this post tomorrow, with any negative effects.  For now it’s perfectly yummy!


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