Mood Swings and Me

A big topic in my life right now is mood … well at least it’s a topic I think about a lot lately.  I am all over the place mentally and my mood swings or just plain “bad” moods, seem to be a norm for me lately.   I am really good at hiding it amongst friends and family but my partner in life definitely must feel like he’s walking a minefield.  He has too .. because I feel like a minefield.  My favorite saying used to be, “Never cry over spilled milk” but now I find myself crying before it even hits the floor!


Tonight I did some research and found a very interesting research article on MedCrave by Deborah Wagner titled “Perimenopause: The Untold Story”.   The article is a bit of a downer BUT if you are anything like me, knowing is power.  Just being aware that everything I am feeling is “normal” somehow makes me feel better.  I think I might read this article with my girlfriends and then my life partner.  My girlfriends can share in the misery and my partner can help me get “battle ready” for what might be coming 🙂

Let Me know what you think of the article.  I am going to print it off and stick it where I can refer to it.  Just to remind myself that I have the choice to change how I feel and awareness is everything.

Take care of yourself Sister!



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