Hot Flash Alert – Soy to the rescue?

My Mom asked me to accompany her on a second hand clothing hunt and since I love a bargain off we went.  Little did I know that a hot flash would ruin my day.

I get to the first store and notice right away that there are a lot of really nice clothing, hung by size, to look through.  Now usually this gets me excited but I was dripping under my coat … yep … the dreaded hot flash had arrived.  It’s the middle of Winter and I live in Canada, I should not be this hot!.  I pealed off my wet coat and heaved a sigh of relief … phew .. that’s better.  Trouble was, I felt ridiculous with wet curly hair on the back of my neck and beads of sweat running down the sides of my face.  I honestly looked like I had just got out of a sauna.    Meanwhile, everyone around me are in gloves, hats and heavy coats … I felt like an alien and I looked contagious.  I then resort to seeking out another females advice on the temperature.

I ask my Mom, “Mom are you hot?”

“Not at all”, she replied while trying on a black faux fur coat.

Not satisfied I see a Lady about my age standing in the corner unzipping her jacket.  I need the solace of knowing it’s just not me that’s suffering.

“Are you finding it warm in here?”, I said with a look of desperation on my face.

“It’s not really warm, look at them all in their parkas, I think it’s just us.  We are having a hot flash”, she replied as she removed her jacket. We shrugged our shoulders and looked at each other with that knowing look of “take care Sister” and I was off looking for my fur covered but cool Mom.

The rest of the day was uncomfortable and tiring.  I should have been enjoying these moments with my Mom but I just couldn’t get past the fact that I felt like a sweaty, salty, sticky mess.  All I wanted was a shower.

I decided to research and try some things to help with these hot flashes and night sweats that many of us deal with during perimenopause / menopause.  First I will start with Soy.  This first video peaked my interest and covers many research studies regarding soy and the benefits in fighting menopause symptoms.

Another video by the same channel goes into more detail about soy.

I also want to introduce you to Dr. Barbara Taylor better known as Menopause Barbie who talks to us about soy as an estrogen boost.

I will be trying soy and if you do as welll, please share with us in the comments below.  Together we can be a wealth of information for hot and flashy females everywhere.



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