Menopause: A change is gonna come.

Menopause was discussed when I was a younger girl.  But the talk was in code and never made clear enough for me to give it much thought.

I can remember being a young girl and hearing the words, “The Change”.  The words were spoken in hushed tones amongst my Mom and her friends … not meant for younger ears … but I heard them.  Together they sounded scary, like a horror movie.  I would not and could not listen closely or “The Change” was going to keep me up at night.  It was better to leave that topic of conversation to the adults.  It wasn’t until I was a teenager that I learned that this change involved something to do with a thing called menopause.  I didn’t talk or think about it really for 30’ish more years.

Now that I’m almost to age 50 I find myself searching for any tips I can find on perimenopause and menopause.  Unlike my Mom’s era I find that females my age are happy to talk about it … because let’s face it misery loves company.  Yes, we commiserate but as for sharing tips or guidance on how best to slay this dragon … well, we never get there. I want to change this!  Not only for myself but for younger females who will one day be hot flashing, foggy, one foot in one foot out, insomniacs just like me.

Join me on my mission to fight “The Change”.  One perimenopausal symptom at a time

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